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China's mixing equipment industry has made a qualitative leap in energy consumption and environmental protection

In order to maintain the competitive advantage, domestic asphalt mixing equipment enterprises need to keep up with the development trend of the industry, constantly improve their technical level, product quality, pay attention to brand building, and establish their own sales channels. In the future, the industry's main trends in product and technology development include: developing large-scale asphalt mixture mixing equipment, developing energy-saving, emission reduction, environmental protection and recycling equipment for waste asphalt mixture, attaching importance to automatic and intelligent control technology of products, and independent research, development and manufacturing of supporting parts, especially key parts.

The domestic large-scale asphalt mixture mixing equipment mainly refers to 4000-5000 type equipment, 4000 type and above type mixing equipment. Its technical content, manufacturing difficulty, industrial control mode and requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection are different from those of small-scale mixing equipment in technical level. Moreover, with the increase of models, the technical problems to be solved will be more and more complex 。 The supply of relevant supporting components, such as shale shaker, dust removal system and combustion system, will also be restricted

In the future, the control center needs to dynamically monitor all motor reducers, discharge valves, gas and oil pipeline valves, and feed back the operation status of components in real time; have the functions of self diagnosis, self repair, automatic detection of faults and real-time alarm; establish the equipment operation database for the basis of equipment detection and maintenance; establish the user database to record the measurement data of all mixing times It can trace the original proportioning parameters and other functions, so as to preliminarily realize the unattended automatic production and effectively improve the comfort, intuitiveness and operation simplicity of the strong mixing equipment control.

With the improvement of national requirements for environmental protection, the development goals of low-carbon, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving are also clearly put forward in the "12th Five Year" development plan of China's construction machinery industry recently issued. The stricter the control of equipment noise, dust emission, harmful gas emission, energy saving and consumption reduction, the higher the requirements for the technical development of asphalt mixture mixing equipment. At present, scientific asphalt mixing equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, such as CCCC Xizhu, Nanfang road machinery, Deji machinery, Malini, Anmai and other manufacturers have advocated and applied technological innovation, competing for the field of resource recycling and energy conservation and emission reduction. Among them, endless asphalt mixture mixing equipment products have also made a qualitative leap in energy consumption and environmental protection

With the gradual rational return of China's asphalt mixing equipment industry, the market competition is orderly, and the trend of survival of the fittest is obvious in the industry. The advantageous enterprises in the industry need to constantly improve their technical strength, keep a keen sense of the industry development trend and make strategic adjustment according to the industry development direction in time, so as to maintain their advantages in the future competition. Small enterprises need to adjust in time The industrial structure, or by has the good scale benefit, the industrial structure, the overall profitability strong enterprise reorganization.